Ukiyo-e illustrations of the Sagami Province and Kyouka printing

Introduction of the Exhibition

In the Edo period, with the prosperity of commoners’ culture, the development of peripheral areas was rapid, and in many ways the characteristics of a real culture started to take shape. Sagami province was near to the Edo city. A variety of Ukiyo-e were painted, and those surviving show the creation of a real culture. In this exhibit, the cultural relationship of the Ukiyo-e and Sagami areas will be introduced. Also, a private Ukiyo-e ‘Surimono’, which has never appeared in public, will be exhibited.

53 Stations of the Toukaido

Kitagawa Utamaro Beatutied of Eastern Japan Kisegawa of the Matsubaya-House


Gountei Sadahide The Picture of Rouben Waterfall at Mt.Oyama

Enoshima Island

Kitagawa Utamaro Title unknown (The Kaichou ceremony at the Enoshima Benzaiten”)

Spacial exhibition

Title: unknown (Kinkizan Temple of Enoshima Island)
Kubo Shunman